GARATREN Efe Ekspress is our newest product. The train consists of 1 locomotive and 5 wagons. Each wagon has 12 seats. Optionally, 3 wagons and a 18-person design can be created. Efe Ekspress has an aesthetic appearance and is made of steel-supported fiberglass material to be resistant to water and impact. The main frame is made of steel construction. There are steam animation, four sound effects (ray sound, train whistle). In addition, the safety keys on the bottom of the wagon doors provide information to the driver whether the doors are closed.



 Max speed:  20 km/h

 Engine: 45-60 hP

 Dimensions: (L*W*H) 

Locomotive: 4200*1500*2400 mm.

12 Persons per wagon ( 5 wagons ):  3100*1300*2200 mm 

18 Persons per wagon (3 wagons ):  4580*1300*2200 mm