The Garatren Sightseeing Train is one of our most special productions. It has a diesel engine and has a large passenger capacity. The chassis is made of metal construction and wood is used for aesthetic appearance. It has hydraulic, pneumatic and hand brake system. There is a powerful speaker system and microphone for announcements. In the cars, the silicon daylight led in the interior lighting wagon and the powerful loudspeaker for music broadcasting were used. Steam and flame animation, four separate sound effects (ray sound, train whistle) are available. Quiet and safe working conditions are ideal profitable investment tools for hotels, resorts and shopping centers thanks to its ability to work both indoor and outdoor.



Max Speed : 20 km/h

Engine : Diesel/Electrical

Dimensions : (L*W*H) 

Locomotive: 3600*1900*2200 mm.

Wagon: 5860*1900*2800 mm.

Max. Capacity  : 24 Person per Wagon